It’s the most wonderful time…


I am so excited that the holidays are almost here! The crisp air, the food, the family and of course, the fashion! Okay, so Stella & Dot’s Holiday line is on POINT this year! I have a wish list the size of my arm! I’d like to take some time to highlight some of the must-haves for this season.

img_8224First off can we just talk about this Rebecca Minkoff Collection? The colors in the Pixie collection are beautiful whether it’s the studs, the chandeliers or the choker.  I was at Hoopla when they announced this collaboration and while all the girls went nuts, I had to google Rebecca Minkoff. As much as I’d love to say that I was cool enough to know her work…apparently I was not. But man, oh man, am I impressed! The colors and elegance of these pieces make them the perfect addition to your holiday outfits. Gorg!




I showed you all the unique Emory Pave Set on the VIP page and aren’t they amazing? In addition to those cuties, the collection includes the Celestial Climbers and the Cameron Charm Choker. According to a fellow Stylist, together the charms are supposed to represent balance. The Serpent is transformation, Sun is life/self, Hamsa is protection, and Triangle is faith, Diamond is clarity/wisdom. Or, you know, you can just decide what they represent and make it  personal. πŸ™‚


img_8209Next on the wish list is the amazing Constantine Collection. This beautiful collection mixes organic feathers, gorgeous hand beaded hematite and rose gold and silver accents. Reminiscent of the Harper from last holidayimg_8238 season, which recently made a Hallmark appearance, this statement necklace is sure to wow everyone at the office Christmas party. Thinking the earrings are too much with that necklace? Well, the best part of the earrings are that they are versatile! You can detach theimg_8237 larger portion and wear the adorable studs made to match perfectly. Unless, of course, you are a “the more the merrier” style girl, then feather away! πŸ˜‰


img_8215Speaking of studs, this is the best time to stock up on them. We have the Pave Knot Studs that are a great everyday sparkle to add this season. Then, we have the Pave Dome Stud Pack with a set in magenta and a set in Montana Blue. Of course, there is also the Adonia Stud pack that comes with a garnet colored cushion cut set and a set of sparkling baguettes. Wear them separately or together for a fun festive look. Then there is the Amelina Stud Pack which is basically a pre-made Ear Party! We’ve got the small hoops, crescent studs and midi cuff that together or separate are sure to get some img_8221attention. If you have double piercings, I think you owe it to yourself to get a set of these bad boys before they are gone for the holiday! And we can’t possibly forget my favorite earrings this season! Now, you’ve heard me rant and rave about the hammered hoops and how adorable they are for everyday. Well, meet her dressed up sister, the Pave Arcs! Available in gold or silver, these will be great for me to wear all season with my Harper’s little fingers constantly trying to hook on to my earrings!



img_8218Ready to get cozy? You NEED this reversible Chantal Scarf! Soft Cable knit on one side and faux fur on the other, you can make it as dressy as you like, or pair it with the matching 7c1b16ac34f0ecb96c6bbd1feaf6a0db49a89d40Chantal Pom Hat for a super cozy winter’s day. Need a lighter hat to go with your other scarves? Leave it to Stella & Dot to rock the versatility with a pom that you can switch out dark to light! So CUTE! Seriously, it’s like a Hallmark film for your torso! Looking for something else versatile to carry youimg_8217 through the winter? How about this Cortina Poncho Scarf! A cozier take on my favorite Versatile Poncho Scarf from this summer, this scarf has me drooling! Not to mention, as if Blythe herself had asked me what I needed in my life, they added BUTTONS! Be still my heart!




And I saved the best for last. At Hoopla we were introduced to a variety of exciting pieces via the amazing runway show. I made notes and squealed about many things I HAD to img_8239get. (Hello Bowery Belt Bag…Fanny Pack of My dreams!) However, the one piece that I lusted after most was the “Unicorn Bag” as I called it, a magical little clutch that I had to wait three long months to meet…The Margeaux. It has reversible sequins like a mermaid tail and will be the best clutch for pretty much any night out. Now if only I could decide on black or white?




Stay Tuned for my “Show-me your Christmas List” post for a list of the best gifts for all the ladies in your life. πŸ™‚

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