Best Last Trip – Day two

I love traveling. (Obviously) I enjoy every aspect though…the packing, making the arrangements, planning activities and just exploring the world. I love rest stops and mom and pop diners and I LOVE hotels! If I could get paid to just review hotels and resorts…I would never lose interest in my work. Like ever…
However, I am also a huge hotel snob. I won’t be judgey about every detail or demand that I stay in ridiculously expensive hotels. I just know that you get what you pay for and I’m realistic in my expectations. I take into consideration the brand name, price point, location and of course reviews to help choose my hotel. Having said that…I’ve also been a maid, so I have some level of understanding when it comes to cleanliness standards and I will judge on that aspect.

This brings me to our little adventure. I’m starting Day two’s post off on the end tail of day one because…well, when you drive all day there is not too much excitement and it all meshes into one day anyways.

We knew we were going to have to spend the night because 6 people in our little hybred mini minivan is not going to work for a straight through drive. However, Jeremy wasn’t sure what time he was going to get to leave work to start our trip so we had to do something that I hate doing…reserve on the road. UGH! Needless to say, by the time we figured out where we were going to stop, most of the hotels were booked up. So we could either pile into a one bed room at a $300 a night hotel or suck it up and go to the cheaper motel with double beds. It was only for a few hours  since it would be late and we wanted to head out early so we settled for the cheaper option.

I avoid motels like the plague. I love being able to walk from the pool to my room barefoot down a hall. I want breakfast in my jammies and then back up to my room having never left the building. I hear motel and I picture Angel Baby (Ringmaster reference). I picture a prostitute accidentally discovering a dead marine’s body and Gibbs showing up. (I’m catching up on NCIS currently) So, for me to give in to a motel…it’s a biggie. When we got there the manager was working and after seeing “Reddy” our family car and that we were registered for the cheaper double that was smoking to boot, he graciously gave this momma a free suite upgrade in the back, away from the cast of SOA that was staying on the other side.

He was super nice and my nephew was grateful to have a couch away from the rest of us.

It was even nice enough to let the baby roam around.

Starting off I was SUPER impressed with the service and feeling alright about the room. There were a few creeped out moments but they were all pretty much just my head and paranoia getting to me. In the end, I tossed and turned but the rest of the group was out pretty quickly.

Over all, the experience was not terrible. There was a used soap bar in the shower and once the sun rose every thing was in a new light and I got to see it in it’s glory. Was it terrible? Not at all! Will we do it on the way back home? Not at all!


We got on the road fairly early and spent the rest of the way trying to get there in one piece, finding license plates for each state and staring at the amazing scenery.




The kids spent several hours playing Pokemon.




Thankfully we made it all the way to Connecticut and spent the night chatting and playing with our cousins! This week is off to a fantastic start!



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