Why am I Wading?

It took me a long time to come up with the name for this blog. I’m still not sure about it but it felt right as it’s got a two fold meaning. They tell you first to decide what type of blog you are writing. Is it a Mommy blog? A foody blog? Homeschooling? Travelling? Fashion? The options are limitless and depend on your intended audience. Well, here I am to tell you that I actually don’t HAVE an intended audience. Don’t get me wrong, I hope you read this and join us in our journey but the truth is that I’m not exactly sure where that journey will take us. My whole life I have been passionate about so many things that I learned long ago that I cannot be pigeonholed into a category. I love life and all it has to offer so to focus on just one of my passions would make me feel like I’m missing a part of who I am. So, instead of making a specific type of blog…I’m making a blog as complicated as my life and dreams and I hope that you enjoy the myriad of topics this chaotic page throws at you.

So, to explain the first fold of our blog name, I must first explain some of our dreams. When I met my husband, I had a five year plan to get me living in Florida. That was my dream, my priority and plan. Of course, God laughs at our plans and there we have Jeremy. When we dated, one of his attractive traits was that he was graduating with a degree in 3D Animation. So I thought that no matter where life took us, it would be away from Saint Louis and somewhere coastal. Of course, as soon as we were married, the Animation world took some huge hits in the States and Oliver, our first born, was created a few years earlier than planned. (Hear that laughing?) Reality set in that for a family with a kid on the way, moving across the country in a risky career was not for us. Saint Louis stayed our home and Jeremy promised me that we would travel as much as we possibly could to cure my wanderlust and need for that salty air. He’s stayed true to his promise but truth be told, two MORE kids later and we haven’t seen much. However, my dream, has quickly become OUR dream and my wanderlust has rubbed off on him and our kids.

If you ask my son to draw a picture of ‘paradise’ he would draw you the beach and label it Florida. This kid literally prays every night to dream about the beach…and that Yo Kai are real.  He probably equates paradise with Florida because that’s the only beach he really remembers and because he knows that’s where Mommy wants to buy a condo when we retire. Like I said, my wanderlust has rubbed off of the hubs and he too, along with our chitlins, is looking forward to the days when we will regularly have our toes in the water, ass in sand, or so the song goes. Lately, this fantasy has morphed from a lottery winning beach house to a more realistic giant RV and jobs on the road. (Much more on that later) But for now we wait…and like one does in the ocean…we wade. We wade through all the things in our lives stalling our home the road until we can finally take the leap and RV it up. Things like debt, school, jobs, etc. One day we will reach paradise and we’re going to love every minute of the journey and I’ll enjoy letting you read along as we get there.

And much like we’re wading through life’s complications to reach our idea of earthly paradise, we are also wading through this whole life and it’s bumps and dings until we reach the Ultimate Paradise with our Lord. And we will lose our way and struggle but we will enjoy every bit of happy, sad and in between til we get there. Doesn’t hurt that He’s given us the most adorable and spirited kids to wade with and all the friends and family along the way.

So there you have it…we are working towards a goal and til then we’re just wading til paradise.

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